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March 2022 Membership Meeting
“Putting the Soul back in Psychotherapy”  
with Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT
Sunday, March 13, 2022
9:00 am – 11:30 am
Online Via Zoom

Bianca L. Rodriguez, Ed.M, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the Founder of You Are Complete and a soon-to-be-published author. After receiving her MA and Ed.M in psychological counseling from Columbia University in 2005, Bianca had a spiritual awakening and realized that despite her struggles with alcoholism, anxiety and depression, she was complete. For the next decade, Bianca developed her unique brand of healing by integrating traditional and mystical interventions, thereby becoming a prominent leader and teacher in the self-help space.

1.5 CEUs

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Nikki Gabriel—President's Message
In February, the Board participated in CAMFT’s Chapter Leadership Conference, the event was virtual again this year, but even so it offered an opportunity to learn and connect with chapter leaders from across the state. The conference is an opportunity to reflect on what our mission and goals are as a chapter, and discover creative new ways to continue to build upon the strong foundation we have in place. My main takeaway from this year’s event was . . . Read Nikki’s full message

Douglas Green—January Membership Meeting Write-Up
When Jacqueline Mendez, LMFT, was working with children in the Foster Care system, she found that many of her clients had suffered sexual trauma. Of course, she worked to relieve them of this terrible burden. But when she thought that it would be helpful to also talk with them about what sex is supposed to feel like, her supervisors refused to allow it. This led her on a journey to becoming . . . Read Douglas’s full write-up

Carissa Lataillade—February Membership Meeting Write-Up
It was early Sunday morning, February 6th, 2022, when we all came to learn from the workshop on “Overcoming Perfectionism.” Whatever drew us together on this day, there was some interest in perfectionism and how it affects one’s everyday life. This interest drew our attention to Dr. Menije. It was her enthusiasm that held our attention throughout the workshop. Dr. Menije is a licensed clinical psychologist. She specializes in treating anxiety disorders, OCD spectrum disorders, and addiction in adults. She began her presentation exploring . . . Read Carissa’s full write-up

Ariel Cohen—CAMFT Facebook Page Legislative Updates
New “No Suprises” Law Goes into Effect January 1, 2022. This Federal Mandate requires health care providers, including MFTs, to provide Good Faith Estimates to patients. You can read CAMFT’s new article on the No Surprises Act at . . . Read Ariel’s full update

Board Minutes—January 2022
Read January’s Board Minutes

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy: Why Did I Get Married?
“Everyone's relationship appears to be a mess” is a statement that may be one of the messages in the 2007 movie, Why Did I Get Married? However, the film's main message seems a bit more optimistic: No matter how difficult things get, nearly everyone's relationship is salvageable, if a couple is motivated to take the time necessary to repair it, beginning with self-reflection, followed by understanding how things got off track, then working on how to grow from it. Running away . . . Read Charlyne’s full review

Lynne Azpeitia—How to Introduce Yourself Online and In-Person
Currently with so many video meetings, presentations, and events, most therapists are having to introduce themselves quite a lot. Get more clients, referrals, and job opportunities by making a positive professional impression when you introduce yourself, online or in-person, by including the right information. Read on for tips to make the most of your introductions, tips that reveal little details you may want to include when you introduce yourself. As you read the following information, be sure to remember . . . Read Lynne’s full column

Rick Hupp, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
It was a pleasure of meeting Rick Hupp, LMFT, for our SFV-CAMFT Connections! member highlight. I found Rick to be earnest, compassionate, and dedicated to his work. Rick has been in private practice since 2013, sharing an office with his wife, Marty Simpson, LMFT, in Woodland Hills. Rick had a previous career in high-end, computer-systems design, as well as . . . Read Rick’s full profile

Sandy Sayah-Pedram, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Sandy Sayah-Pedram is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Attorney, and Writer who earned her M.A. in Counseling from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She earned her credentials counseling severely emotionally disturbed children through San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center as well as through the Latino Family and Narrative Therapy Programs at Phillips Graduate University. In 2015, Sandy was awarded a Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Stipend and has been published . . . Read Sandy’s full profile

Irwin Castro, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Irwin Castro, AMFT, is a dedicated therapist who has been focusing on helping children, teens, young adults, and families. He received his M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis Track from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology — Los Angeles, in August 2021. He also received a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Northridge, in December 2015. It was after earning his degree from CSUN . . . Read Irwin’s full profile

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