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May-June 2017

President's Message by Barbara Calvi, LMFT, President

Spring Renewal

As we settle comfortably into the middle of spring I feel enlivened by the rich greenery on display this season. It rejuvenates and inspires me, which I suppose is the true nature of spring. These feelings of renewal elicited thoughts of ways, we, as therapists can regain or maintain feeling invigorated and refreshed when our work is so challenging; often leading to compassion fatigue and burnout. I have heard a number of colleagues recently discuss experiencing low-grade moods, resistance to seeing clients; having to drag themselves into the office feeling uninspired and unexcited about their work.

I have previously written about a number of ways to heal from, combat and prevent burnout. But how does one remain relevant and fresh in the field? I believe this question can be considered an ethical issue. The more I discuss this with colleagues, and drawing on my own experience, I would say the answer lies in continuously participating in trainings that both broaden and deepen our knowledge and skills.

I do not mean engaging in the occasional day long workshop for a handful of CEUs; though these options are incredibly important. But I am referring to the in-depth trainings that take you deeper into the work you already do, or into new areas that spark curiosity and stimulate us in new ways. For instance, I just enjoyed three thought-provoking days at The Milton Erickson Foundation's Couple's Conference. Some of the most prominent leaders in the field were on the roster, sharing their latest research findings and presenting material on a plethora of varied topics related to couples. It was a time for learning, exchanging, and challenging ideas; connecting with like-minded, committed, and inspiring professionals. This to me is the best catalyst for staying enlivened in this work.

I challenge and encourage all therapists, to explore and identify the specialty-related conference relevant to you, to discover the new depth training for certification to deepen your experience and skills, keeping you renewed and refreshed in our field! A time for "Spring Renewal."

Barbara specializes in couple's therapy and has a particular interest in working with couples struggling with recovery from infidelity, couples who are parenting a child with special needs, and couples who get stuck in hostile and destructive cycles. She has been trained in both Imago Relationship Therapy and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy with Ellyn Bader at the Couple's Institute and also does attachment work based on Diane Poole Heller's Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience Program. She is currently in training in Peter Levine's model of Somatic Experiencing and is looking forward to helping hostile and aggressive couples recover more quickly and stop the cycle of trauma they inflict on each other. Barbara can be reached at 818.917.9184 or email to

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