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Narcissist: The Skilled Abuser — Helping Clinicians Find Their Forensic Lens
June 3, 2018 Membership Meeting

Dr. Catherine Barrett's experience as a clinician as well as a survivor of narcissistic abuse syndrome has alerted her to the covert tactics and severe pathology that lies within a narcissistically abusive relationship. Dr. Barrett hopes to help clinicians see outside of the textbook definition of the disorder and present a more practical, experiential, and accurate portrayal of this pathology. Her research and experience will also help clinicians identify survivors of this abuse within their practice and assist them in understanding the root of their client's addiction to such relationships.

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Nazila Amighi—President's Message
I am so happy to share with you my excitement about the changes that our board members and I are discussing and planning for enriching our chapter. I am so lucky to work with SFVCAMFT board members of 2018. They are all as eager as I am about continually improving our chapter. To give you an example, seven of our chapter board members attended CAMFT's Leadership Conference in San Francisco. The entire board met ... Read Nazila’s full message

Barbara Calvi—The CAMFT PAC
Ask yourself if you know what the CAMFT PAC is. If you do, raise your hand (no not really, I can't see you anyway). I asked this question of our membership at our April membership meeting. Only about one-fourth of those present raised their hands. This lets me know that as a leader in this chapter, we have not done enough ... Read Barbara’s full message

Ariel Cohen—CAMFT Facebook Page Legislative Updates
A big thank you to CAMFT's Grassroots Advocacy Team for proudly lobbying Representatives in Washington, DC on behalf of California's Marriage and Family Therapists! Let's not lose the momentum! Be ready to do your part next week when CAMFT issues a Legislative Action Alert for members to reach out to Representatives who have yet to co-sponsor HR 3032/S 1879 ... Read Ariel’s full article

Natalie Jambazian—Best Practices:
Gift Giving in Psychotherapy—What is acceptable?

There are many gifts that are commonly given by a client to mental health therapists. It is a way for them to demonstrate appreciation for their work together and it can also involve a cultural component. As clinicians, we also must abide by the code of ethics to distinguish the value behind the gift giving. There are gifts that are acceptable and many ... Read Natalie’s full article

Kirstin Carl—March Membership Meeting Write-Up
Have you ever considered making a video to bring your marketing to the next level, but not known where to start? Whatever your answer is, this presentation offers practical tips to begin or continue your journey through the land of marketing through social media. Throughout the presentation, energy and enthusiasm were contagious ... Read Kirstin’s full article

Kirstin Carl—April Membership Meeting Write-Up
Have you ever felt curious about and hungry for more learning regarding treating issues around sex in your practice? If so, then this presentation will give you a taste of what it looks like to go deeper into issues around sex. Stephanie is the co-creator of a new reality/talk show called "Hunter Sisters," along with her sister who is a hypnotherapist. It is called "Hunter Sisters: Nobody's Perfect." She is always looking for guests ... Read Kirstin’s full article

Board Minutes—February 2018
Read February’s Board Minutes

Board Minutes—March 2018
Read March’s Board Minutes

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy:
Lady Bird

LADY BIRD (2017) is the touching coming-of-age story of a high spirited 17-year-old high school student, Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), awkwardly trying to discover herself within the suffocating confines of a middle-class 2000s Sacramento, California. Feeling like a caged bird, Christine renames herself "Lady Bird," seeking ... Read Charlyne’s full review

Michael Shiffman, Ph.D.—Mindfulness: Now More than Ever
Mindfulness is more than the cultivation of moment-to-moment non-judgmental awareness. More accurately, mindfulness organically combines cognitive stability with emotional regulation to produce a stable awareness of experience and, as such, reduces reactivity and increases openness. The question for psychotherapists is ... Michael’s full article

Julie M. Simon, MA, MBA, MFT—
When Food Is Comfort:
Helping Clients Resolve Emotional Overeating Challenges

We all love to eat and eating food beyond simple sustenance is a normal part of life. It becomes problematic when we overeat to such an extent that there is significant weight gain or health risk. Overeating may seem like a simple act, but it's actually a complex behavior. And its resolution requires ... Read Julie’s full article

Virginia W. Lincoln, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Virginia Lincoln, LMFT is a heart-felt therapist with grit and confidence! At the SFV CAMFT workshops she often announces herself with a broad smile, "I specialize in trauma, twins, and elder care, for elder counseling I make house calls." She has an infectious grin, most likely due to the fact she loves ... Read Virginia’s full profile

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Associate MFT, Associate PCC, or Associate Social Worker • Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA
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