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Barbara Calvi—President's Message

The end of summer is almost here. Summer is about at an end and we will be sliding into fall soon. The air will be getting crisper soon . . . Wait . . . what am I saying, we live in the Valley! The air will definitely not be getting crisper soon). For those whose practices slow down ... Read Barbara’s full article

Shawn LaRe Brinkley—From the Editor
So the summer has come and is on its way out yet, the plight of the editor continues. So here is the update since our last newsletter. The mailperson arrived with the golden letter and my hours were accepted by the esteemed Board of Behavioral Sciences, and I am eligible to sit for the torture that is otherwise known as the "LMFT Clinical Examination (LMCE). However, a few weeks ago, I was faced with a challenge ... Read Shawn LaRe’s full article

June 2017 Membership Meeting Review
I always enjoy attending the SFV-CAMFT Membership meetings as I can always count on a good breakfast, good fellowship with awesome colleagues, and unparalleled presenters. However, the meeting held on June 25th, promised an extra bonus for me since the speaker was someone I had read about and whose videos on YouTube had become my morning, noon, and night focus as I am in the throes of studying for that daunting clinical licensing examination. Well, if Dr. Diane Gehart is delightful, brilliant, and witty on screen, ... Read the full article

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy:

Chocolat, made in 2000, starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Lina Olin and Leslie Caron, takes place "once upon a time" in a quiet French village that that has become stuck in centuries old traditions, rigid morality, and dull monotony. Chocolat presents the viewer with the ingredients for change while it challenges the myth, "we have to be right or we are wrong." ... Read Charlyne’s full article

Natalie Jambazian—Best Practices:
To Talkspace or Not to Talkspace: Is that the Question?

Since I received great attention following the last article I wrote, I decided to further my investigation on platforms used for telehealth purposes because I believe it merits more in depth exploration. First I will discuss the risks because as clinicians, we must act in the best interest of our clients. In investigation, I discovered important facts that may be helpful in your decision making process of whether using telehealth, specifically, Talkspace ... Read Natalie’s full article

Judith Fraser, LMFT—
The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a powerful experiential process that draws on an ancient tradition of using symbols (totems) to gain access to new ways of: solving a problem and/or processing troubling patterns, as well as intensifying calming and grounding. Whether the issue is a creative block, fear of change, a past resentment, or not reaching desired goals, using the totems of the Wheel can expand possibilities of resolution and deepen ... Read Judith’s full article

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Marriage and Family Therapist Intern — La Canada Flintridge, CA — The Bella Vita

Therapist I — B/L Armenian — Glendale, CA — Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services

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