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September-October 2017

The Medicine Wheel by Judith Fraser, MFT

The Medicine Wheel is a powerful experiential process that draws on an ancient tradition of using symbols (totems) to gain access to new ways of: solving a problem and/or processing troubling patterns, as well as intensifying calming and grounding. Whether the issue is a creative block, fear of change, a past resentment, or not reaching desired goals, using the totems of the Wheel can expand possibilities of resolution and deepen the body/mind/spirit connection.

Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky, Golden Eagle, Red Coyote, Black Bear and White Buffalo all offer support in different ways. Grandmother Earth is a grounding connection. She calls on us to be "present" or "in the moment." Focusing on a "safe" place in nature can allow this grounding. Tapping into the senses: smelling, touching, listening and visualizing enhances this "safe" place in nature. It also encourages a deeper connection of being "held in the arms" of Grandmother Earth.

Grandfather Sky allows a connection to the vast unknown. He calls on us to connect to something beyond what we can see, hear or touch, to be open to being a part of something larger than what is visible. That means letting go of past solutions or future projections while being open to "discovery."

Golden Eagle encourages us to view our issue from an Eagle's point of view, that is to look down from above and gain a different perspective. Red Coyote encourages us to see our issue from an opposing point of view and to look at the positive in the situation. Black Bear allows time to embrace the issue, to go into a cave and experience our power. White Buffalo asks that we stop and connect to all the 2 leggeds, 4 leggeds, plants and stars as we take time to be grateful for all that we are and all that surrounds us.

All the answers to problems reside within the body/mind. It is this listening within that connects us to personal information that is life enhancing. When appropriate you may want to use additional creative processes following the Medicine Wheel as: drawing or even writing a story about your chosen animal or animals.

After taking Judith's workshop I used some of the practice I learned from her with my group of clients with a chronic illness and the medicine wheel allowed one patient to break down his well guarded walls of pain and process his pent up feelings. Truly remarkabl! — Ruth

I took the medicine wheel from Judith Fraser with the intent of learning what it was and how I could use it in my work. I left with so much more than I had imagined was possible. I was impacted by new understandings about my place on my own wheel of life — the kind of unexpected insight that is transformational. Judee makes the process simple while the experience is profound. — Lynne G

I came to the medicine wheel uninformed yet curious — wondering what this ancient Native American practice had to offer me. I was totally unprepared for the impact of realizing where I was in my life now and how that knowledge could take me to new levels of emotional spiritual growth. I also was impacted by the experiences of others in the group as they walked the wheel. Judith creates a soulful climate with easy group interaction that promotes caring and even joyous communication. — Anonymous

The Medicine Wheel as presented by the magical Judith Fraser is balm for mind, heart and soul. I laughed, cried, drummed and shook a tambourine in pure joy of the moment. I learned new ways of looking at my place in the circle of my life and felt the excitement of many "aha" moments of insight. I came away with learning that proved to be transformational. People who were strangers to me when the workshop started seemed to be wise friends when we reluctantly parted at the end of the day. I loved every moment of the workshop and plan to return for more. — Jason

I needed extra strength to overcome some anxiety coming up in my creative field. When I connected to Black Bear Energy, I found my strength. It is something I will continue to use. — Doug

Judith Morton Fraser MFT is past president of the SFV California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and presently co-chair of their Experiential Process Gatherings. She has been giving workshops and retreats in the Los Angeles area for over 35 years. Judith combines Focusing, Psychosynthesis and other creative processes in a unique way. Judith is also an actress and writer. She has appeared in over 30 television shows and seven films. Her writing includes therapeutic articles for psychology oriented newsletters and short stories. Her new book Grandmas Never Die, Their Wisdom Lives Forever, and What's So Good about Bad Feelings? are available on Amazon/books. Judith's office is in the Hollywood Hills. 323-656-9800 http://www.judithmortonfraser.com

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