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State of the Profession — Nabil El-Ghoroury, Executive Director of CAMFT
September 23, 2018 Membership Meeting

Nabil El-Ghoroury will present an update on the current status of state and federal legislation affecting licensed marriage and family therapists. During this presentation, Nabil will discuss state and federal legislation that could impact LMFT practice, and he will address regulatory topics from the Board of Behavioral Sciences. Additionally, Nabil will discuss resources for legal consultation for legal and ethical practice that CAMFT provides to its members.

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Nazila Amighi—President's Message
As we say goodbye to Summer and start the Fall season, we notice trees starting to let go of their leaves in order to make way for new ones. Every life transition seems to invite an experience of acceptance for change in order to proceed to new growth. This acceptance could mean letting go of the hopes for certain outcomes or holding on to being in the moment ... Read Nazila’s full message

Barbara Calvi—Support the CAMFT PAC
If you have attended a meeting recently, you have heard either Ariel Cohen, Barbara Calvi, or Curt Widhalm talk about the CAMFT PAC and the endless lobbying done on the behalf of Marriage and Family Therapists that it funds. Without the lobbying arm of CAMFT, LMFTs would not have made as many gains as they have. And, as we all know ... Read Barbara’s full article

Ariel Cohen—CAMFT Facebook Page Legislative Updates
The parent-child separation at the U.S.- Mexico border has devastated many refugee and immigrant families and alarmed many mental health professionals. CAMFT has partnered with the Give an Hour organization to harness the skills and generosity of California LMFTs who are willing to to provide free mental health services ... Read Ariel’s full article

Natalie Jambazian—Best Practices:
How Much is Too Much Self-Disclosure?

Before I continue writing about the "Best Practices" segment, I want to share with my readers that although I may write about or understand a certain standard of care in my profession, I am, however, not a CAMFT attorney. With that said, my articles briefly discuss certain topics ... Read Natalie’s full article

Kirstin Carl—July Membership Meeting Write-Up
Katie Vernoy, LMFT is passionate about supporting mental health professionals in avoiding burnout. First, she discussed sacrificial helping syndrome as frequently afflicting mental health professionals. She also discussed that many of the reasons we develop this syndrome are the same reasons ... Read Kirstin’s full article

2019 Board Slate Announcement
In accordance with our Chapter ByLaws, a nominating committee was formed to confirm eligibility and select the nominations for our incoming 2019 Board of Directors ... Read full announcement

Board Minutes—June 2018
Read June’s Board Minutes

Board Minutes—July 2018
Read July’s Board Minutes

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy:
Lady and the Tramp

This romantic musical comedy-drama, Disney's first animated feature filmed in the CinemaScope widescreen process, is based on Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by Ward Greene. It is set in a charming Midwestern town in 1909 and tells the story of Lady, a perfectly pampered female Cocker Spaniel ... Read Charlyne’s full review

Kirstin Carl, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Kirstin Carl, LMFT had a dream at age 14 to become a therapist, "I couldn't imagine doing anything else!" Indeed, she has passionately applied herself and is a multi-talented Marriage and Family Therapist. Kirstin grew up in the San Fernando Valley. After graduating from Calabasas High School, she studied at San Diego State ... Read Kirstin’s full profile

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Resident Advisor (RA)
Malibu, CA • Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center

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• Santa Monica, CA • La Ventana Treatment Programs

Mental Health Therapist – RRR/Field Based
• Palmdale, CA • Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services

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