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State of the Profession
November 12, 2017 Membership Meeting

Anastasia Johnson will present an update on the current status of state and federal legislation affecting LMFTs. Ms. Johnson will also address regulatory issues from the BBS. Ms. Johnson will update the attendees about CAMFT initiatives, including a summary of the recent demographic study of CAMFT members. The meeting will conclude with a Q&A.

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Barbara Calvi—President's Message

Fall is here! It was so cool and crisp when I left the house this morning at 7:00 am that I needed a jacket. The cool air made me think of the coming fall holidays and celebrations and the year's end. That means that my term as president our chapter ... Read Barbara’s full message

Natalie Jambazian—Best Practices:
California Changes for MFT Interns

After much debate and many challenges, a new law states the title, "MFT Intern," will be changed to "Associate." It is an exciting, new beginning for pre-licensed therapists who wish to be recognized as professionals with a Master's degree, rather than interns, whereas ... Read Natalie’s full article

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy:
Why Did I Get Married?

"Everyone's relationship appears to be a mess" is a statement that may be one of the messages in the 2007 movie, Why Did I Get Married? However, the film's main message seems a bit more optimistic: No matter how difficult things get, nearly everyone's relationship is salvageable, if a couple is motivated to take the time necessary ... Read Charlyne’s full review

Nikki Gabriel, LMFT—Member Highlight
Nikki Gabriel, LMFT has such a straightforward and unpretentious personality that when I found out she was raised in Montana, it made sense. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Montana, she made the move to Los Angeles to discover another slice of life. Nikki worked in South Los Angeles for the I Have a Dream Foundation as a project coordinator ... Read Nikki’s full profile

Sylvia Cary, LMFT—
Is It Okay to Write About My Patients?

I wear two hats; one as a psychotherapist and the other as a book editor. Occasionally one of my therapist colleagues will approach me because they want to write a book — maybe an academic book about their specialty, or a how-to, or a memoir, novel, or even a children's book. They may have been sitting on a book idea for years and finally want to get it off their bucket list; or they want that instant credibility that comes from being ... Read Sylvia’s full article

Steven D. Unruh, MDiv., LMFT—
Your Client Needs to Lose . . . So They Can Win

No one likes to lose and for good reason. We live in a culture focused on winning, and we are not taught how to negotiate or how to yield. As individuals, many of us have not learned the art of losing. However, there is a way to transform losing into a "win," and lead us to experience a freedom within us. I say this because I believe this notion captures ... Read Steven’s full article

Andrew Susskind LCSW, SEP, CGP—
It's Not About the Sex: Regulating the Nervous System after Sexual Addiction

Addiction is an attempt to feel better, but the relief is short-lived, and the suffering always returns. Because all addictions such as sexual compulsivity result in nervous system dysregulation, they cause inner turbulence. Dysregulation describes a disruption in the autonomic nervous system — up-regulation describes anxiety, panic attacks or rage ... Read Andrew’s full article

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