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Ariel Cohen, MA, LMFT

CAMFT Facebook Page Legislative Updates
September and October 2018


BBS-sponsored legislation, changing certain aspects of MFT supervision in California, was signed into law by the Governor and goes into effect January 1, 2019. AB 93 (Medina) addresses changing and evolving supervised experience and supervisor relationships.

Some of the more notable changes in AB 93 include: the introduction of triadic supervision; supervisor requirement to monitor for/address clinical dynamics, including countertransference; direct supervision and observation/review of supervisee’s counseling; supervisor review of supervisee’s treatment records; and in 2020, live-scan fingerprinting requirements for post-graduates awaiting Associate registration earning hours toward licensure.

These changes and more will be reviewed at the Fall Symposium workshop “Legal & Ethical Issues in Supervision: Current Standards and Prospective Changes" on Friday, November 9 (, as well as in the upcoming Nov/Dec issue of The Therapist.

If you have questions regarding this new law, please call CAMFT to ensure you receive accurate information: 888.892.2638. Read the law in its entirety:…/billCompareClient.xhtm…


Executive Director Nabil El-Ghoroury represented CAMFT at the California Coalition for Mental Health (CCMH) quarterly meeting. CCMH is a unified voice for family and consumer organizations, nonprofit service providers, professional associations, hospitals and advocacy organizations aiming to improve the delivery of mental health care in California


California Needs Your Input!

Do you want a say in where dollars for the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) are spent and provide feedback on mental health workforce needs and strategies to address these needs?

The MHSA Workforce Education and Training (WET) program—a program aiming to address the shortage of mental health practitioners in the public mental health system via stipend and loan programs—is beginning the development of the 2020-2025 MHSA WET Five-Year Plan. The California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPHD.) will be collecting input with a statewide survey and holding seven regional forums. They are asking stakeholders to join in identifying workforce needs and possible strategies to address these needs.

Please complete the following survey to register for the statewide survey and regional forums. Add your voice to this important issue!

California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).


CAMFT attended the BBS Board meeting today where they discussed 2018 legislation, BBS staff operations, and upcoming supervision regulations.


On the anniversary of 9/11, CAMFT remembers those who lost their lives as well as their families who have persevered in the wake of this tragedy. We honor their strength and recognize the work of all the professionals who have helped these families towards healing.


CAMFT sponsored, AB 2088 (Santiago) was signed by the Governor! AB 2088, allows adult and minor patients to addend (not amend) their treatment records upon finding a mistake or error. The addendum is limited to 250 words. This is especially beneficial for minor patients who consent to their own treatment. The law becomes effective January 1, 2019. Learn more:

Ariel maintains a full-time practice at Teen Therapy Center in Woodland Hills, CA. He works with children, teens, and families, with an emphasis on supporting the special needs community. He can be contacted at 818.674.9834 or

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