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“DBT Strategies in the Treatment of Emotion Dysregulation”
March 15, 2020
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Wendy Douglas, LCSW, has a Master's in Social Welfare from UCLA and a Master's in Science of Public Health from Tulane University in New Orleans. She runs the San Fernando Valley DBT program in Sherman Oaks and offers adherent comprehensive DBT therapy as well as open DBT skills groups. She also sees individuals and couples in her private practice in both Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills. She was trained in DBT at LA County's Department of Mental Health in 2005, where she was DBT team leader at Edelman Westside Mental Health Center. She also completed her advanced training in DBT in 2017. She currently sits on a DBT team in Los Angeles with a number of other skilled DBT practitioners.
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Natalie Jambazian—President's Message
Stepping into the role of the SFV-CAMFT presidency and working to fill the big shoes of past presidents has been quite interesting, and experiential, thus far. I learned how our chapter operated from the backend, something that was entirely new prior to my roles as VP of membership or president-elect. It’s a whole different ball park . . . Read Natalie’s full message

Ariel Cohen—CAMFT Facebook Page Legislative Updates
A Win for Maternal Mental Health Coverage! A new CA law passed late last year ensures that mothers diagnosed with a maternal mental health disorder have continuity with their providers and extends Medi-Cal coverage for new moms to one full year . . . Read Ariel’s full update

Madeline Taylor—January Membership Meeting Write-Up
Okay . . . take a deep breath and slowly release it. Congratulations! You’ve just engaged in one of the most readily-available methods of mindful self-care. On January 12, 2020, under the attuned eye of Dr. Elisabeth Crim, we were treated to an important discussion of compassion fatigue and were offered multiple opportunities to engage in mindful self-care. Dr. Crim is a licensed psychologist and certified Relax and Renew Yoga trainer. She has extensive expertise in the hazards, which can occur . . . Read Madeline’s full write-up

Katie (Wren) Busse—Confidentiality and Treatment Teams
No matter what the reason is for someone seeking therapy or how long they stay in treatment, there will eventually be a termination process. Termination should be something a clinician has in mind at the onset of therapy, rather than something that comes into consideration halfway through the treatment process. The client should also be prepared for termination from the onset . . . Read Katie’s full write-up

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy: Marriage Story
According to the statistics, half of American marriages end in divorce. Marriage Story is a gut-wrenching film about one of these failed marriages and what happens to a couple after they have fallen out of love. It is based on the real-life, semi auto-biographical story of the film’s author and director, Noah Baumbach, and his relationship struggles with his former wife, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. They married in 2005 but divorced . . . Read Charlyne’s full review

Rena Pollak, LMFT, CGP—Feeling Desperate? That May be a Good Thing
The other day I had a conversation with someone that I’d just met. The point of the conversation was to get to know each other. We both wanted to build a friendly relationship. Could we be friends? She was welcoming. She smiled and laughed. She was willing to share some personal information about herself. All good signs. We exchanged a few stories about ourselves. But a few of the stories began to make me nervous. The stories were about people that she didn’t like anymore, people who’d offended . . . Read Rena’s full article

Sue Cristol, LMFT—Termination — When to Let Go
There is a lot of material written for mental health professionals about “client termination.” Let me first say that the term “termination” is so cold, so harsh, and so unlike how we engage with our clients. Nevertheless, this is the term that we learned in graduate school and the term used in research and other literature. I would rather think of this phase of the therapeutic relationship as a gradual . . . Read Sue’s full article

Shelley Horner, LMFT
I had the pleasure of meeting Shelley Horner on a Saturday afternoon for a coffee. Shelley has been in private practice for twenty two years. I learned that she has coined this term “I’m Shelley Horner counseling in my corner, my office is on the corner of Mulholland drive and Mulholland highway. Shelley is professional, dynamic, and compassionate. Her inspiration to help others started at home with her father who was a spiritual counselor and an articulate speaker. She also found herself drawn to the arts and loved acting in plays. According to Shelley, her mother was sometimes sad and Shelley’s many theatrical talents cheered her mother up. In her acting career, she starred in a drive-in movie, appeared in many Japanese commercials and starred as the hairdresser in the play, Steel Magnolias . . . Read Shelley’s full profile

Scholarship Recipients
The 2020 scholarship recipients are Shari Manculich, Alan Croft, and Katie Busse. The scholarships include the following: SFV-CAMFT Membership. State CAMFT Membership. Free attendance to SFV-CAMFT Membership Meetings in 2020. (We look forward to seeing you there!). Lunch with SFV-CAMFT President Natalie Jambazian. Opportunity to write an article introducing you and your practice in the Connections! newsletter . . . Read Scholarship Recipients full article

Alan Croft
Katie Busse
Shari Manculich

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