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May-June 2022

President's Message — Nikki Gabriel, LMFT

Action Amid Uncertainty

Here we all are in May 2022, with two years of pandemic behind us, and still looking at a future with too much unknown and uncertainty. There is definitely a push and pull between wanting life to go back to how it was before, the realities of Covid-19 variants, and those feeling more comfortable with being at home, zoom, and the changes the pandemic brought. As a chapter, we have members across the spectrum of this new world, and are trying to figure out how best to accommodate the most people going forward. And my personal concern, which is we create an in-person meeting with a hybrid component only to find out most people do not show up in person.

In May, the chapter has historically held a networking event. So to begin the chapter’s transition to the new normal we will hold our first in person event this month. We will have an outdoor social networking event on Saturday, May 7. This is an opportunity to finally get together in person, and reconnect with old friends and colleagues after a long time apart. Please consider joining us as we begin to take the first steps to being together in person again. We plan to have some great drawing opportunities at the event.

In June, the chapter will have two online CEU opportunities with our membership meeting and presentation on June 5, and then following on June 27 with a 6-hour Law and Ethics program on Dual Relationships and License Portability. The Law and Ethics workshop will be free to members. We will continue in person for the July meeting and in August have a second in person networking event. By September we are planning to be back in person for the membership meeting with some type of online option for those not able or ready to be back in person yet.

As always, I like to mention one of my favorite chapter member benefits, which is the opportunity to VOLUNTEER. There are numerous ways to get involved, and in return a lot to be gained including:

  • Learning and developing new skills
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Gaining social capital
  • Applying current skills in new ways
  • Communicating your values
  • Being a part of a terrific community and organization
  • Combating imposter syndrome

Thank you to all chapter member volunteers. April was Volunteer Appreciation month and the following 6 chapter member volunteers were selected to be highlighted on social media:

  • Tiffanie Turner — Diversity Committee Chair
  • Ariel Cohen — Outreach Committee Chair
  • Rena Pollak — Board of Directors (Secretary)
  • Mishka Kimball — Board of Directors (Past President), Diversity Committee Member
  • Stephanie Gonzalez — Board of Directors (Pre-licensed Rep)
  • Carissa Lataillade — Newsletter Contributor, Other micro projects

Currently, the chapter is in need of additional volunteers to assist in the following areas:

  • Assisting with CEUs
  • Meeting write-ups for the newsletter
  • Technical set-up at meetings
  • Ethics committee
  • Finance committee
  • Sponsorship committee

Please send me an email at if you are interested in volunteering with the chapter. Thank you!

Nikki Gabriel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist taking a short break from her practice to take on the role of new Mom. She assists teens and adults in learning to manage anger, anxiety, depression, and confidence issues by utilizing interventions from an eclectic background. She enjoys helping people discover new ways to solve problems, develop healthier behavior patterns, and improve communication skills. Nikki can be reached at 818-473-0088 or

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