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Membership Meeting
Earth-Based Psychology — What It Is and Why It Matters
In-Person and Zoom Webinar
Julie Brams, MA, LMFT
Sunday, November 12, 2023

Julie Brams, MA, LMFT, is an Earth-based psychotherapist, Vipassana meditation practitioner/teacher, certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and author. She has over 30 years of experience in mental health and has been studying and integrating Ecotherapy into her traditional clinical work for the past 15 years. Her work integrates traditional therapies, embodied meditation, and nature therapies as a way to help people reciprocally heal themselves and the natural world. She has just completed her book, The Nature-Embedded Mind: How the Way We Think Can Heal Ourselves and Our Planet. She is dedicated to social change and environmental sustainability through reestablishing our intimate connection with the rest of nature.

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Zoom Webinar

Gina Balit—President's Message
The year has flown by and has almost come to an end. This is the final newsletter issue of the year and thus my final president’s message. The chapter has one more board meeting and membership meeting remaining in November, as well as our annual volunteer appreciation event in December. I am both extremely grateful and emotional as I write this message. I look back at my starting message filled with hope and can reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year, such as completing the first entire year of hybrid meetings with improved quality for both in person and online participants, completing the second round of student scholarships (aided nearly 100 students on their journey to become therapists by covering one year of membership with CAMFT) and partnered with Therapist Development Center to begin . . . Read Gina’s full message

Board Minutes—July 2023
Read July’s Board Minutes

Board Minutes—September 2023
Read September’s Board Minutes

Charlyne Gelt—Cinema Therapy: The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family is a Spanish-language Netflix Original film by director Arantxa Echevarría and writer Olatz Arroyo. This comedy/drama delves deep into the psychology of family, societal expectations, and personal conflict. The story revolves around Pablo (Gonzalo Ramos) and Sara (Carolina Yuste), a young couple deeply in love. Pablo's posh, status-conscious mother, Lucia (Belén Rueda), isn't pleased with her son’s choice, but tolerates it for his happiness and to keep the peace. However, when she actually meets her son's rambunctious, loud-mouthed girlfriend, and her free-spirited, underprivileged family in their cramped apartment, Lucia is . . . Read Charlyne’s full review

Lynne Azpeitia—Getting Paid
The holiday season is a great time for marketing and networking that’ll fill your practice with the type of clients you love to work with by keeping you and your practice at the forefront of people’s minds. This type of marketing and networking works equally well for pre-licensed as well as licensed professionals.  What???? Yes, it’s true, Holiday Season Marketing works. Even during a pandemic. No mask wearing, vaccination or social distancing required. It doesn’t involve Zoom, video or phone.  You don’t have to drive anywhere, park, register, pay for admission, dress professionally or talk to anyone. It doesn’t even have to cost much or take . . . Read Lynne’s full column

Kim Scott—Helping Our Older Clients Navigate Changing Holiday Landscapes
“Merry Christmas!” “Happy Hanukkah!” “What are you doing for the holidays?” It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Maybe this is the case for some individuals, but for others, the joy and wonder of the holidays are not an actual reality. These seemingly innocuous comments and ultra perky merriment can stir up a lot of pain for our older clients. The extra holiday cheer surrounding our clients can make them feel out-of-step with their community. This can intensify their pain and add to their feelings of isolation, shame, depression and anxiety. To help our older clients navigate the holiday season it is essential that we understand some of the common themes and . . . Read Kim’s full column

Dennis Goldenson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Dennis Goldenson's journey to becoming a psychotherapist has been both diverse and enriching, making his approach to therapy uniquely multifaceted. Starting off as a psychology major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Dennis has always been captivated by the human condition and the transformative impact psychology can have on people's lives. After years of diverse experience, including six years with the U.S. Department of Commerce, four years each with Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox Studios in roles ranging . . . Read Dennis’s full profile

Stephanie Kavoulakos, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
After 20 years as a publicity director in the music business, Stephanie Kavoulakos transitioned into her second act as a psychotherapist—a move she describes as a natural evolution. Guided by her own journey through personal trauma, she returned to grad school, driven by an intuitive sense that this was her calling: "If you know, you know," she says. Specializing in addiction and trauma, Stephanie has found a niche in treating creative individuals—actors, dancers, writers, musicians—a population she understands . . . Read Stephanie’s full profile

Steven Unruh, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Picture this: It’s a fresh morning, and the world outside your window holds endless possibilities. Yet, as you awaken, a sense of unfulfillment gnaws at you. You’re not alone. We all face moments when life’s routine feels dull, and our aspirations seem distant. Whether you’re craving more passion, purpose, or simply a spark to reignite your daily routine, there’s a path to personal transformation waiting for you. I’m Steven Unruh, a mediator with over 30 years of experience, and I’m here to be your guide on a journey towards . . . Read Steven’s full article

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