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Chapter Meeting and Event Sponsor Partnership

Sponsors are the lifeblood of our diverse SFV-CAMFT community. With sponsor partnerships we are able to offer exciting programming for LMFTs, pre-licensed practitioners, associate clinicians, and other affiliated professionals. Sponsors bring energetic participation that assists our chapter to expand the range of therapeutic possibility. When you become a sponsor, you are welcomed into a compassionate community, and become part of a collective effort to bring healing and well-being where it is needed. Become a sponsor, and share the vibrancy of our community.

See our current and past sponsor partners

Who can be a sponsor?
1. Professionals, agencies, and companies that provide supplemental services to
    patients and clients of marriage and family therapists. 

2. Professionals, agencies, and companies that provide direct services to
    marriage and family therapists.

3. Others that have applied to, and been approved by, the Sponsor Committee.

What are the benefits to a sponsor?

1. Membership meeting sponsor partnership

2. Special event sponsor partnership

How do you become a sponsor?
1. Submit a request to the chapter sponsor committee by sending an email to Nikki Gabriel,

2. Once approved:
a. A letter of agreement to sponsor is signed and delivered to the sponsor committee chair.
b. A electronic invoice for the amount of the sponsorship will be sent to the sponsor partner contact to be paid online. 
c. Marketing materials (logo, etc.) are provided to SFV-CAMFT in electronic form (Logo should be in jpeg format.)

3. The agreement and payment must be received at least sixty (60) days
    before the sponsored event, unless a shorter time frame is agreed upon.

4. Sponsorship for member meetings is $700 per meeting or $1200 to sponsor two meetings. Special events are $1000 or as negotiated depending on the type of sponsorship. We're also able to partner independent of meetings and events.

5. Sample agreement form

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