Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide our members a variety of leadership and collaboration opportunities, as well as offering a diverse range of learning opportunities for both our members and for the broader mental health community. SIGs are small sub-groups within the chapter; conceived, created, and led by the chapter members around a specific topic or area of focus. SIGs function under the auspices of the chapter’s board.

Experiential Process

Judith Fraser

Doug Green

Expressive Arts

Gina Balit

Art therapy, music, dance, play, drama, and other expressive therapies are part of the expressive arts as adjunct modalities and utilized as therapeutic interventions in various settings such as mental health clinics, educational settings, hospitals, recovery centers, retirement homes, and hospices. Tools such as painting, playing instruments, yoga, and writing poetry are used to aid in the healing process.

This Special Interest Group will likely meet monthly on Sundays (time and place to be discussed/determined). We will begin discuss the mission of the group and plans to offer expressive arts presentations, hands-on experiences, and clinical discussions about the expressive arts as a therapeutic modality. No need to be an artist or a registered therapist in these fields . . . just a an open mind and curiosity to learn about the healing power of these creative modalities in mental health.


David Eshleman


Join us as we spend some relaxing time with colleagues, enjoy the great outdoors, and get in some exercise. Our hikes take about 1½ hours and go over moderate hills. We meet one Sunday every month except July, August, and September. Rain or holiday cancels event. Bring water and wear comfortable shoes. Please review the hiking group guidelines that must be followed by all hiking group participants. Check out our next event.

Pre-Licensed (3000 Club)

Chair (Pre-licensed Rep)
Stephanie Gonzalez

As pre-licensed therapists, we have so much to offer each other - support, information, horror stories, job recommendations, connections, and more. We continue to support each other throughout our careers and journey to

Licensure!  Check out our next event.


LA CAMFT's 3000 Club is running a summer book club series in a partnership with the San Fernando Valley Chapter.      The reading selection for this month is:

Maybe You should TALK to someone, written by Lori Gottlieb.

Bring a cocktail or mocktail, sit back, and come and join us for this casual and fun night of book discussions!   

Check out the event.    

Crisis Response Network/Post Action Outreach

Nickie Godfrey

Post Action Outreach Committee

SFV-CAMFT’s Post Action Outreach Committee’s (PAOC) mission is to serve and support the members of the SFV-CAMFT Crisis Response Network (CRN). The committee will provide support to members who have responded to a community disaster in the aftermath of that event. It works to fulfill their needs for debriefing and the mitigation of compassion fatigue or secondary trauma. CRN member responders will be provided with self administered forms to self assess and manage their reactions to events, and group “debriefing the debriefers” sessions will be made available. These services will be available pro bono to chapter members. Members of the PAOC are available to our SFV-CAMFT members as needed. Please check out the Trauma Responder's Self-Test resource.

Crisis Response Network

This group was formed to provide trainings and education to members of SFV-CAMFT in the areas of crisis and trauma. Some of our previous events have included "Trauma and the Special Needs Population," and "The Interface of Grief and Trauma."

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