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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide our members a variety of leadership and collaboration opportunities, as well as offering a diverse range of learning opportunities for both our members and for the broader mental health community. SIGs are small sub-groups within the chapter; conceived, created, and led by the chapter members around a specific topic or area of focus. SIGs function under the auspices of the chapter’s board.

Special Interest Groups chair job description

Experiential Process

Judith Fraser

Doug Green

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Expressive Arts

Gina Balit

Art therapy, music, dance, play, drama, and other expressive therapies are part of the expressive arts as adjunct modalities and utilized as therapeutic interventions in various settings such as mental health clinics, educational settings, hospitals, recovery centers, retirement homes, and hospices. Tools such as painting, playing instruments, yoga, and writing poetry are used to aid in the healing process.

This Special Interest Group will likely meet monthly on Sundays (time and place to be discussed/determined). We will begin discuss the mission of the group and plans to offer expressive arts presentations, hands-on experiences, and clinical discussions about the expressive arts as a therapeutic modality. No need to be an artist or a registered therapist in these fields . . . just a an open mind and curiosity to learn about the healing power of these creative modalities in mental health.

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Join us as we spend some relaxing time with colleagues, enjoy the great outdoors, and get in some exercise. Our hikes take about 1½ hours and go over moderate hills. We meet one Sunday every month except July, August, and September. Rain or holiday cancels event. Bring water and wear comfortable shoes. Please review the hiking group guidelines that must be followed by all hiking group participants. Check out our next event.

Note:  No hike in June of this year (2023).    Hikes will resume in Oct.

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Pre-Licensed (3000 Club)

Chair (Pre-licensed Rep)
Savannah Okada

As pre-licensed therapists, we have so much to offer each other - support, information, horror stories, job recommendations, connections, and more. We continue to support each other throughout our careers and journey to Licensure!  Our next event will be on Google meets and is scheduled for August 26,2023.  Click here to register.                

Again this year, we will have a Summer Book Club meeting

This meeting is in addition to our every other monthly meeting and will be in conjunction with LA CAMFT.  

The Summer book club series will run from June through August.

The last book in the Summer book series for August is: The Battle Against Yourself  by:  Greg J. Voft

The Battle Against Yourself: Take Control, or Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Imagine living a life unrecognizable to you . . . not knowing the reasons for your anger, your crippling depression, your self-destructive inner voice. Author Greg J. Vogt was one of those people. A gifted and athletic kid, he was battling depression and inner demons while navigating adolescence and early adulthood. The Battle Against Yourself depicts how he found a way to lead himself from rock bottom to soulful fulfillment by looking inward and identifying the enemy of his prosperity: himself.

Vogt's story poignantly reveals the plight of young America and explores the heartbreaking struggles and tragic brushes with death that can define one's search for a meaningful life.

It offers invaluable lessons for anyone who has ever felt lost, confused, or estranged from their inner peace. Vogt shows us there is always a way out of despair. A way around sadness. A way through the seemingly impossible. Your happiness is up to you. The Battle Against Yourself will help you discover your potential and build the rewarding life you've always wanted.

Note:   The author will be joining us for this Very special event.

Click here to register.

Bring a cocktail or mocktail, sit back, and come and join us for this casual and fun night of book discussions!  

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Men's Psychology Book 'Series'.

David Eshleman

Daniel Hermosillo

This book club meets every 2-3 months for the next year, discussing books related to masculine psychology with the intention to address and better conceptualize men's issues in our culture today.  This group will take place either online or in person (TBD), will be limited to 15 participants plus the two hosts.  We will meet once per book, with this meetings taking place on a Tuesday evening, July 18, 2023, between 7:15-8:45pm.  

The next book in the series will be:  "The Knight in Rusty Armor" written by: Robert Fisher

The Knight in Rusty Armor

Not since Jonathan Livingston Seagull first enthralled the reading public has there been a story that captivates the imagination so thoroughly as The Knight in Rusty Armor.

"Since I first published The Knight, I've received an unprecedented number of calls and letters from readers, praising its powerful concepts and engaging style. I feel so strongly about this unusual book that I'm personally extending an invitation for you to read it" says publisher Melvin Powers.

Join the knight as he faces a life-changing dilemma upon discovering that his shining armor cannot be removed. As he searches for a way to free himself, he receives guidance from the wise sage Merlin the Magician who encourages the knight to embark on the most difficult crusade of his life.

The knight's journey reflects our own, filled with hope and despair, belief and disillusionment, laughter and tears. His insights become our insights as we follow along on this intriguing adventure of self-discovery. Anyone who has ever struggled with the meaning of life and love will discover profound wisdom and truth as this delightful fantasy unfolds.

Get the book and find out the secret. . .    Click here to register.

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