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Sponsorship Required Forms

Open and print PDF Application by clicking here.

This letter of agreement between the above-named sponsor (Sponsor) and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, San Fernando Valley Chapter (SFV-CAMFT) provides the terms and conditions of the sponsorship. 

SFV-CAMFT plans, promotes, and conducts various events for the benefit of its members and the community it serves. The event described above is one of these events. Sponsor has applied to sponsor the described event and SFV-CAMFT has approved Sponsor’s participation provided below.


  1. Promote, through advertising in its announcements, newsletter, email notifications, and website materials, Sponsor’s name and logo as a sponsor of the described event;
  2. Provide introduction and appreciation of Sponsor to the meeting attendees;
  3. Provide up to 2 minutes during introductions at the event for Sponsor to make a presentation regarding Sponsor’s goods or services;
  4. Provide a dedicated table (approximately 30” x 60”) for Sponsor’s resource materials and an opportunity for event attendee’s to meet with Sponsor; and 
  5. Distribute Sponsor materials on individual member tables.

Sponsor will:

  1. Make a payment to SFV-CAMFT in the amount of:
    $600.00 for one meeting,
    $1100.00 for two meetings,
    $1500.00 for three meetings, or
    $750.00 for joint sponsorship, at least sixty (60) days prior to the event date;
  2. Provide marketing materials (logo, etc.) in print and electronic form pursuant to specifications provided to Sponsor by SFV-CAMFT;
  3. Prepare materials for display at the event;
  4. Provide a representative to make a featured 2-minute  presentation and to manage the Sponsor’s table. 

SFV-CAMFT makes no guarantee that Sponsor’s participation at the described event will be exclusive of any other sponsors. SFV-CAMFT will not, however, permit co-sponsors that provide competing goods or services without all sponsor’s advance agreement.

Immediately following receipt of Sponsor’s logo, payment, and agreement, SFV-CAMFT will commence the marketing on our website, email notifications, and newsletter. Therefore once Sponsor’s date is secured, the fee for sponsorship is non-refundable. In the event that Sponsor is unable to attend their scheduled event, their sponsorship will be announced at the sponsored meeting, and members will be directed to the SFV-CAMFT website for more information about Sponsor’s goods or services.

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