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SFV-CAMFT Strategic Plan

Revised: September 10, 2017

Chapter Mission and Vision 

The San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (SFV-CAMFT) is dedicated to inspiring psychotherapists through educational opportunities, networking, and support in order to better serve the community where we practice and live.


SFV-CAMFT is a thriving professional organization of successful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and pre-licensed peers who generously share their experience and expertise to support each other's growth and professional development.

Values (Guiding principles that dictate behavior and action)

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Collaboration

Goals and Objectives

Goal I


SFV-CAMFT will maintain and promote all legal and ethical standards of professionalism, competence, accountability, and inclusiveness.


1.1 SFV-CAMFT will develop and uphold ethical standards consistent with the evolving profession.

1.2 SFV-CAMFT will develop and advocate for legal standards consistent with the evolving profession.

1.3 SFV-CAMFT will organize an annual Law & Ethics event which will meet the minimum CEU requirements for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists.

1.4 SFV-CAMFT will create, deliver, and promote quality professional development opportunities consistent with current research and best practices. Invited presenters and guest speakers will uphold the above-stated ethical and legal standards.

1.5 Interaction between the Board of Directors, staff, and members will be collaborative.

1.6 In addition to the investment goals of safety, liquidity, and return on investment, SFV-CAMFT will attempt to have investments that are believed to have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

Goal II


The Board of Directors will govern in accordance with the California Corporations Code, CAMFT Bylaws, CAMFT policies, SFV-CAMFT Bylaws, SFV-CAMFT policies, and the CAMFT Chapter Affiliation Agreement.


2.1 The Board will govern in a collaborative, professional, ethical, and deliberative manner.

2.2 The Board will develop policies and initiatives for committees and/or staff to implement that ensure an effective operation.

2.3 The Board will be cognizant of CAMFT’s and SFV-CAMFT’s history as it plans for the future.

2.4 The Board is accountable to this Strategic Plan, the SFV-CAMFT Bylaws, and the SFV-CAMFT policies.

Goal III


SFV-CAMFT will advocate for the advancement of Marriage and Family Therapists in accordance with CAMFT’s Vision, Mission, and Values.


3.1 SFV-CAMFT will champion and invest in the future of the Marriage and Family Therapist profession.

3.2 SFV-CAMFT will seek parity with other licensed mental health professionals and will promote increased utilization of Marriage and Family Therapists in the public and private sectors.

3.3 SFV-CAMFT will coordinate and collaborate with other mental health organizations and stakeholders for common goals.

3.4 SFV-CAMFT will advocate in the legislative and regulatory process at the local, state, and federal levels.

3.5 SFV-CAMFT will pursue and develop relationships with legislative officials at the local, state, and federal levels.

3.6 SFV-CAMFT will promote member participation in governmental and advocacy efforts that impact the profession. For example, SFV-CAMFT will educate members about the value of financial contributions to the CAMFT Political Action Committees (PACs).

Goal IV

Public Outreach

SFV-CAMFT will promote Marriage and Family Therapists.


4.1 SFV-CAMFT will increase the recognition, credibility, professional visibility, and need for Marriage and Family Therapists through professional branding, public relations, social media and marketing.

4.2 SFV-CAMFT will increase public awareness that Marriage and Family Therapists are not only relationship experts, but also diagnose and treat a variety of mental health issues.

4.3 SFV-CAMFT will maintain and pursue relationships with other local chapters within the CAMFT Community.

4.4 SFV-CAMFT will accomplish these objectives through the actions of the SFV-CAMFT Outreach Committee each year.

Goal V


SFV-CAMFT will cultivate a participatory and growing membership.


5.1 SFV-CAMFT will strive to maintain and increase its membership. In addition, SFV-CAMFT will seek to retain current membership through an Annual Membership Drive.

5.2 SFV-CAMFT will encourage member participation in activities, such as chapter meetings, the Annual New Beginnings meeting, and other CAMFT-sponsored initiatives.

5.3 SFV-CAMFT will strive to understand the demographics and perspectives of the membership.

5.4 SFV-CAMFT will strive to increase diversity within its membership.

5.5 SFV-CAMFT will make reasonable efforts to contact members who are not renewing, ex. through an exit survey, to better understand the reasons for such individuals’ termination of membership.

Goal VI

Volunteer Leadership

SFV-CAMFT will promote collaboration, accountability, dedication, and commitment in its leaders.


6.1 SFV-CAMFT will recruit, and promote the benefits of and need for, competent and active volunteer leaders.

6.2 SFV-CAMFT will strive to have volunteer leaders who identify with and/or are proactive, sensitive, and responsive to the needs of a diverse population.

6.3 SFV-CAMFT will provide opportunities for the training and development of competent volunteer leaders.

6.4 SFV-CAMFT will hold an annual board training and/or retreat, prior to the beginning of each year’s board service.

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