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SFV-CAMFT Email Policy

Accepted: March 29, 2017


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of SFV-CAMFT's email accounts and what is acceptable use and maintenance of these accounts.  The email accounts through Gmail are the property of SFV-CAMFT, and have the primary function of carrying out chapter business.  All email messages sent from the chapter Gmail accounts should be professional and appropriate.  The writing can be informal and include short sentences and be to the point, but should also be well structured and descriptive of the subjects being covered.  Avoid sending confidential information by email.  Emails received that require a reply should be answered at the earliest possible time.

Email passwords should not be given to other people, and will be changed by the chapter admin at the beginning of a new term for the Board of Directors.  Every person using a chapter account will be given the new password at this time.  Chapter email accounts should be organized regularly by archiving messages or storing in appropriate folders.  Chapter accounts should be monitored regularly each week, and not set to forward through a personal account.

Email messages created by a chapter account are the property of SFV-CAMFT.  SFV-CAMFT reserves the right to monitor all messages transmitted through a chapter email account.

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