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SFV-CAMFT Policy on Grievances

Accepted: April 10, 2016

Updated: February 12, 2023

If a SFV-CAMFT member, attendee of an SFV-CAMFT event or sponsored activity, or community member that has interactions with SFV-CAMFT has a complaint or grievance the following process is suggested:

·        An individual is encouraged to initially address concerns in an informal method prior to filing a formal grievance. This could be done by directly addressing any concerns with the individual or by seeking guidance from the President of SFV-CAMFT for support moving forward with resolution.

·        A formal grievance may be filed against an individual or the chapter by writing a letter detailing the situation and the concerns in question and submitting to the SFV-CAMFT President.

·        When a grievance is received by SFV-CAMFT, the independent committee will be formed and will investigate the grievance and make recommendations to the executive committee/Board to determine what action(s) to take. Examples of recommendations include:

·        For minor infractions, a verbal and/or written notice will be sent to the individual(s) with a summary of the grievance and suggested actions to take. A coaching session intervention to address corrective course of action may also be provided.  

·        For more serious infractions, an intervention meeting and/or formal coaching session will be arranged between two or more of the independent committee/Board members and the individual(s) to discuss the grievance and process for implementing suggested actions by the grievance committee.

·        If there are multiple grievances against an individual, group, or chapter policy or program, removal from SFV-CAMFT membership, events, and sponsored activities may occur.

·        At any point a formal grievance may be referred to or involve the CAMFT Ethics Committee, or involve a review of the Code of Conduct for violations of that policy, and/or support and guidance in resolution.  

Appeals Process: If a grievance has been filed and the individual disagrees with the independent committee and/or executive board’s findings, the individual has the right to appeal this decision. The individual can appeal the decision by emailing the board president with their request for an appeal. The full SFV-CAMFT Board will review the appeal request at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  

If a complaint is made against a member of the independent committee, the SFV-CAMFT Executive Committee, or any SFV-CAMFT Board member, that member will recuse themself from the decision making process. The executive committee and or Board will appoint an alternative member to fill their position as needed.

A record of grievances and complaints will be kept. CAMFT will be informed at subsequent continuing education renewal applications, and annual reports.

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