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Hiking Group Guidelines

Hike Procedures and Protocol

1.    No children under the age of 18 are permitted on a hike.

2.    Pets will be determined based on specific park regulations. Please do not bring pets who are not well mannered around other animals.


Hiking Safety

1.    Participation in the activities of the hiking club can be potentially dangerous. 

2.    Assess your risks and take full responsibility for your safety. Sign SFV CAMFT Waiver of Liability when registering online for the event

3.    Do not attempt a hike that you suspect is beyond your endurance or level of physical capability. 

4.    Stay hydrated.

5.    Say something immediately if, during a hike, you experience a physical problem.

6.    Do not leave a hiker alone for any reason. Always leave another hiker behind with a hiker who cannot complete a hike. 

7.    Stay with the group. Do not stray from the group or take off on your own. Do not leave the hike until the completion of the hike. 


Environmental Stewardship and Impact

1.    Respect the environment. Stay on designated trails.

2.    Don't cut switchbacks, take shortcuts, or create new trails. 

3.    Tread lightly and leave no trace by packing out litter. Leave an area in as good as or better condition than you found it. 

4.    Leave all natural things and features as you found them for others to experience.

5.    Don't contaminate any stream or water pool with trash or human waste, including urine. Relieve yourself at least 100 feet from a water source.


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