SFV-CAMFT Board and Committee Reimbursement Policy

Accepted: March 6, 2016

SFV CAMFT Payment Request

All agreements of obligation must be executed by the President, Past President or CFO.


Changes in Reimbursement Policy


Any change in the “SFV-CAMFT Board and Committee Reimbursement Policy” which could result in a significant increase in benefits to any member of the Board shall require a three-quarters (3/4) vote of the Board and will not take effect until the February Board meeting (the new Board year).


Chapter Leadership Conference


The policy for expense reimbursement for the Chapter Leadership Conference for official chapter business is as follows:


a.   Transportation—lowest airfare available (in years of Conference being held in Northern California) or the automobile mileage reimbursement permitted by IRS (in years of Conference being held in Southern California), whichever is lower and/or most reasonable means of travel.
b.   SFV-CAMFT will cover one (1) night of hotel expenses (room and tax only; incidental charges will be borne by the board member) when held in Northern California.
c.   SFV-CAMFT will provide reasonable parking fees at airport and transportation to/from the airport at destination when accompanied by receipts. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
d.   Up to $50 per meeting will be reimbursed to each board member for meals in transit to/from the Chapter Leadership Conference, when accompanied by receipts. 

Any additional expenses must receive prior approval from the President, Past President, and CFO.


Board Member Attendance at Annual Conference


SFV-CAMFT provides expenses for one board member’s attendance at the Annual Conference to be reimbursed as follows:


a.   Early-bird registration fees

b.   Board member may submit up to $175 to cover the cost of meals in transit to, during, and in transit from the conference, when covered by receipts
c.   SFV-CAMFT will cover three (3) night of hotel expenses (room and tax only; incidental charges will be borne by the board member). Extra night available with board approval.
d.   Transportation—lowest airfare available or the automobile mileage reimbursement permitted by IRS, whichever is lower and/or most reasonable means of travel, parking fees at airport, and reasonable transportation to/from the airport. The CAMFT Conference is usually held at a hotel with shuttle service from the nearest airport, which is strongly encouraged as the method of transportation when flying.
e.   The Board member chosen to attend the Annual CAMFT Conference is based on the first person who meets the following criteria: President, President-Elect, Past President, then in descending order of most consecutive years of service on the SFV-CAMFT board.  

Reimbursement Procedures


All reimbursements must be requested on reimbursement forms with appropriate documentation: receipts, ticket stubs, invoices, etc.


All requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 45 days of the conclusion of the event. No reimbursements will be processed after that date.


Upcoming events

November 01, 2019 • Woodland Hills Country Club
February 06, 2020 6:30 PM • Will be sent with registration confirmation.
February 09, 2020 8:30 AM • Woodland Hills Country Club 21150 Dumetz Road, Woodland Hills 91364

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