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SFV-CAMFT Representation Policy

Accepted: June 5, 2016 

Individual members of the Board of Directors, including officers, with the exception of the president do not represent the Chapter, nor are they authorized to speak or communicate on behalf of the Chapter, unless authorized by the Board to do so. (Authorizations should attempt to clearly define the parameters of permissible representation.)

There is nothing wrong, however, if Board members identify themselves as such, provided that this is done for identification/qualification purposes and provided that opinions expressed and statements made are attributed solely to the individual involved rather than to the Board or the Chapter.

(e.g. "My personal opinion is, and I want to make it clear that I am now expressing my personal opinions, and not the opinions of CAMFT, that...")

Board members may state Board or Chapter policy where this can be done accurately. They may also describe Chapter activities, plans and involvement where this can accurately be done. Such activity is encouraged.

This policy applies regardless of the form or medium of communication, and includes but is not limited to, written, verbal, the media, and the internet.

The President may represent the Chapter, and speak on its behalf on all matters relevant to their work with the chapter.

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